Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Maximilian Smith

Sandya Dandamudi

Member At-Large
Tom Conroy

Member At-Large
Justin Wigg

Steven Calderwood

Lynne Taylor



Sanju Green
Suzanne Hammond
Cherryl Holt
Stephan Hutter
Kate Ivanova

Todd Klein
Robin McGowan
Kelly Mitchell
Sauyma Nandi
Marty L. Padilla
Gregory Reid

Sheila Sheridan
Kathleen Swien
Frank Top
Daniel VanRyn
Kevin Walsh

Financial Information

fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017)

Net Assets as of June 30, 2017: $815,321
Total Income: $2,105,160
Program Expenses: $1,854,490
Administrative Expenses: $281,414
Fundraising Expenses: $207,292

IRS 990

2017 Audit

2017 Annual Report

Privacy Policy

Prior year IRS 990s, audits, and annual reports are available upon request.