“I came here because my boy and me needed a place to live. You gave us everything. I remember it like it was yesterday. The building manager brought me all of the stuff I needed for my apartment: sheets and dishes and towels and pots and pans. The next day my case manager gave me all the information I needed to learn about how you [Cressey House] could help me do better. And later the Reverend came to visit and offered me his help if I ever wanted to just talk.”

-Former Cressey House Client


Cressey House is a 28-unit supportive housing program for homeless, disabled individuals and families providing permanent housing with supportive services to help everyone who lives here have a safe, secure place to call home, transform, and revive their lives.

As part of Chicago’s network of supportive housing programs, Cressey House follows the simple principle of housing first believing that ending homelessness begins by providing a home. Each client is empowered to develop an Individual Success Plan covering comprehensive health, employment, education, life skills, parenting and tenancy.

ReVive Center for Housing and Healing is a Chicago Continuum of Care agency receiving U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development funds for its permanent supportive housing programs. As such ReVive Center for Housing and Healing utilizes Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) for collecting and reporting individual and aggregate data on services provided that are funded by HUD. ReVive Center for Housing and Healing’s Standard Agency Privacy Practices Notice may be downloaded here or viewed at ReVive Center for Housing and Healing, and is also available upon request.